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To assist in formulating your statement these links are provided for helpful information:

Below are several links to Websites where you can voice your opinions and become a Rockhound Activist.  Please take the time to look over the information on this page and ues some of the information provided to formulate your inputs to these websites.

Here is a place to enter Rockhounding Statements and Ideas.......

  • Go To:America's Great Outdoors Home Page
  • Type Rockhounding in the search window at the right of the page
  • Then click on [Go!]
  • It will take you straight to the Rockhounding Idea Page!
  • In order to leave a comment you must "Log In" or "Register New Account"
  • America's Great Out Doors Home Page

President Obama has specifcally invited us as Recreationists to be involved in his America's Great Outdoor Initiative.

He has aksed us to join the conversation by VOTING for IDEAS submitted by the public. This is really EASY to do and only takes a few minutes. His Team will present the results to the President on 11/15/10.

Here is a Website to where you can VOTE on Ideas submitted by the Public:

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