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Continue Reading Ruth Bailey

The meeting on Aug. 8, 2011 with Congressman Doc Hasting, chrm of  House Natural Resource Committee went well.   He is certainly a stong ally in our attempts to keep our public lands and access to them open for the PUBLIC to recreate on and enjoy .
On behalf of his position and stance on Public Lands & Access,  I was proud to pesent him with  the Magnetic Leadership Award
(a agatized pet wood magnet - from Saddle Mtn )  He acknowledged AFMS/NFMS/ALAA/WSMC for their input and activisim and encouraged us to be vigilant in our purpose and mission.  Andy Johnson - President  WSMC

  • Friday, Jul. 20, 2012 - State Parks Director Ruth Coleman resigned this morning and her second in command has been fired after officials learned the department has been sitting on nearly $54 million in surplus money for as long as 12 years. Read More
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