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Here are the latest developments and public engagement opportunities for each of New Mexico's National Forests as of November 28, 2017: 

Carson National Forest:   The Carson is staying very busy and has released its "Alternative Themes" for the Revised Plan.  These alternatives will be fleshed out more fully in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that will get released with the draft Plan.  You can read a summary of the themes HERE  and the preliminary draft Plan HERE.  The Carson also recently released a study of its rivers for Wild and Scenic River Eligibility.  You can read its draft Eligibility Evaluation HERE . The Carson is again holding a monthly informal Open House where the public can come ask questions of the Plan Revision staff.  The next meeting is scheduled for December 13th from noon until 2 pm in the Forest Supervisor's Office.  You can keep up with everything on the Carson National Forest Plan revision process HERE . 

Santa Fe National Forest:  There has been no new developments from the Santa Fe NF during the past two months. Everything related to the Santa Fe National Forest Plan revision process is HERE . 

Gila National Forest:  The biggest news this month is that the Gila NF has released the maps of their Wilderness Evaluation Inventory.  Links to all of the Wilderness Inventory Maps are available HERE.  We cannot stress enough that the best time to get areas that do not meet Wilderness definitions removed is NOW before they move into the next (Evaluation) phase.  The best way to do that is to provide specific information and data on man-made imprints on the land.  If you want detailed information on how best to do this, contact us at resourcedirector@nmohva.org. 
Everything related to the Gila National Forest Plan revision process, including the times and dates of upcoming meetings, can be found at the Gila Forest Plan Revision page located HERE. 

Cibola National Forest:There has been no new developments from the Cibola NF during the past two months.  NMOHVA has remained very active in the ongoing collaboration process and we could still use additional volunteers to attend the District collaboration meetings at the various Districts.  If you would like to participate and help represent motorized recreation on the Cibola, please contact us at resourcedirector@nmohva.org. All of the latest information on the Cibola National Forest Plan revision process  can be found HERE

Lincoln National Forest: Still no recent changes or updates. They continue to work on the first draft of their initial "Assessment".  It was originally scheduled to be released for public scrutiny early in 2017 but we haven't seen anything yet. The best place to keep track of the Lincoln's Forest Plan revision process is HERE . 

These revised Forest Plans for all five of our New Mexico National Forests will be the basis for our recreation on Forest lands for at least the next fifteen years.  That makes them IMPORTANT!  Please continue to stay actively involved during the LONG Forest Plan revision process.

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