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Proposed sage grouse listings will cause more devastation to agriculture and access across the Western States, than any foreign country could cause, even with an arsenal of nuclear weapons. The BLM Conservation map was taken from here.
More fraudulent science? Study finds sage grouse doing better on grazed lands. [Doyel]
This is a prime example of what neo-environmentalism is doing: plundering our lands, rights, and resources by cloaking their hostile and politically-motivated assaults as "environmentalism," something our nation cherishes.
Take a look at the scope of the plan! It is clear this action is NOT about maintaining the viability of this bird, but about grabbing our federation's greatest natural resources.
According to Ray Haupt, a former federal ranger -- "WOW. Way outside the law as written in ESA. The act forbids the encumbrance of land that is larger than that specifically required to protect the species on the fuller area of historic ranges, only enough for viability."
The impact on California was disclosed in a prior email a few weeks back. Here's an update: "Bi-State DPS four units consisting of approximately 755,960 hectares (ha) 1,868,017 acres (ac) in Carson City, Lyon, Douglas, Mineral, and Esmeralda Counties, Nevada, and Alpine, Mono, and Inyo Counties, California (78 FR 64328)." [Doyel]


Why are our State and County "representatives" AWOL on these issues? That is the question. The sole legitimate purpose of government--the reason we created and tolerate it at all-is to protect our rights and property. They have not been doing their jobs, but I am encouraged many of them are coming to a true understanding of our situation, and are becoming more active on these issues.
Kirk MacKenzie   www.DefendRuralAmerica.com