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2009-2010 ALAA Officers and Directors

ALAA Officers

President Dick Pankey dickpankeyjuno.com
Vice President Shirley Leeson shirleyleesoncox.net
Secretary Anne Cook Abcook6juno.com
Treasurer Ruth Bailey Rba51825att.net

ALAA Permanent Directors

Registered Agent, Idaho Dee Holland beauhollandcenturytel.net
Webmaster John Martin webmasteramlands.org
Newsletter Editor Jay Valle Res19verizon.net

ALAA Directors - Three Year Terms

Bob & Kathy Miller Midwest KanBrockaol.com
Dean Stone Midwest stonerockshotmail.com
Norvie Enns California Nve5103charter.net

ALAA Directors - Two Year Terms

Dr. Bob Carlson Rocky Mountain drobertcarlsonyahoo.com
Bill Burns California isnbllaol.com
John Wright Southeast osjbwdatasync.net

ALAA Directors - One Year Term

Jon Spunagule Northwest jonspecomcast.com
Evan Day Northwest joandaysisna.com


2009-2010 ALAA State Representatives

Utah Evan Day joandaysisna.com
Indiana Bob &Kathy Miller KanBrockaol.com
New Mexico JDr. Bob Carlson drobertcarlsonyahoo.com
Washington DC &Virginia Mary Bateman Mbatemanlverizon.com
Mississippi John Wright osjbwdatasync.net
Nevada Norvie Enns Nve5103charter.net
Illinois Jim Filipek rockhoundjimyahoo.com

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